Turn fame to progress

I want to make famous people turn their stardom into progress motivation. People are willing to do, give and change things in return to hang out with people they adore.

I will make a project that connects famous people and organizations with people who either have money, services or materials that can be used to make this world a better place. I will try and motivate people to donate a certain amount of money for a project reward until enough money, materials or services are attained through which a project can be completed.

In my country taxes are a problem, so this all needs to be on a non-profit donation level if possible.

Example – goal: purchase certain medical equipment for the children’s pediatric hospital. Rewards: drinks with famous person A, lunch/dinner with famous person B, attend event of famous person C, get personal artifact of famous person D, all in return for different amount of money.

It’s jan 14th today, by Feb 14th I want to have a list of Slovene celebrities and the tasks they could perform.

Bieber baby steps vs. the Mormons vs. Gene Simmons’ fuck-list

Baby steps, new years’ resolutions, over-optimistic plans and hopes, and filtering wisdom not based on source background, but the wisdom itself. Seems simple, but almost unachievable. Do you think Hitler and Churchill agreed on any points? I think we’d all be surprised.

While searching for thoughts of people far wiser than myself (not hard), I’d stumbled upon this quote:

“We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become one day.”

Richard G. Scott

It says persistence and focus matter. When delving deeper into the person behind the quote, ’cause the source is important, I learned that Richard G. Scott is a Mormon elder. Well shit… I might not see eye-to-eye with the church of later day saints people, to put it mildly, but should I dismiss the thought? Is it black or white, he can only be right or wrong, or is there a big grey area, like this blog, kinda? That’s what I want to explore with this blog, fact-based discussions and conclusions, preferably through analysing oposing oppinions.

And this post, since it is 1st of January, is about baby steps towards achieving goals, whatever they might be.

What about this next one?

“I love all women, I will never stop, I want every girl that ever lived. I fuck everything that moves and if it doesn’t move… we work something out.”

Gene Simmons of Kiss, another superstar, this time rock’n roll

The guy and his plan. And the way he is willing to adapt to achieve the goal. He couldn’t have done more than two or three at a time right? Sometimes even just one had to do. So he had to have taken it in baby steps. At today’s roughly 3,5 billion women, he could’ve never really achieved it, but I don’t think he had a bad time trying to, right? Sure, he might have felt empty inside from time to time, but the perks of consistency when it came to different orgasms of his sexual partners, constantly learning, discovering new things, it must’ve compensated for the gaping emotional void from time to time.

“But the grass ain’t always greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it”

Justin Bieber, pop superstar, popped-up from below the poverty line, took the right steps.

Even he knows that you’ve got to work for it. And no matter what the popular stance towards his person or music may be, the guy was and is an enormous talent. Musical empires can’t really be built without talent or an excellent plan. So, if you don’t like his music or his act or him as a person, does that mean you should not learn anything from him? Like the Mormon elder who might endorse bigamy and having sisters as wives?

Bieber’s baby steps are far more than just increments adding upon the needed 10,000 hours each expert needs to be great in their chosen field of interest. It’s about recognizing what you want and then doing, doing, doing while taking into account constructive criticism.

So. One year has approximately 8760 hrs. We work, sleep, travel and eat roughly 75% of that time, which leaves about 2190 hrs for all social activities. This means that you will not be able to achieve expert-level capabilities in something you’ve just taken on in 2015, even if you decide to live a friend, sex, party, all-social-activity-less life. But if you’ve taken a baby step towards your goal, it might just work. In a few years, but still.