Habits to succeed – even though they’re laid out here, you won’t do them

  • the most important habit is to have some alone time. link
  • Repeat routines until they are almost perfect, don’t stop repeating
  • exercise in the afternoon
  • separate work and home environments
  • work through your limitations
  • sake up early, work until midday, take a break
  • eliminate unnecessary decisions
  • record your daily successes and frustrations


Habits program humans

“We become what we repeatedly do.”

Sean Covey, writer – The 7 habits of highly effective teens

It has recently been proven by Phillipa Lally of the University College of London that on average, it takes 66 days to form a new habit, not just 21 as was over-simplified by many writers. Basics were written by dr. Maxwell Maltz in the 1950’s, who noticed that his patients needed a minimum of 21 days to adapt to their new post-operation face, or stop feeling their ghost limbs ect..

That means, you need to suck it up and keep doing whatever it is you think would make you closer to being a better you, for at least 66 days. Every day. Every. day. 66 days.