You can’t change systems without changing people

Systems are run and controlled by people. If systems do need change, that means people who run them need to understand the change, therefore they need to change their beliefs, goals, motivation etc. with regards to the changes in the system they are a part of.

And the biggest war of all wars is the war within a person.

The world wars were all wars of beliefs of people. Had a war of beliefs been started inside Hitler’s head, Mein Kampf would not have been written and the real WWII might not have happened the way it did.

To start any change at all, no matter how small, is a revolution. People are not mature enough to accept the need to change their lifestyles in order to allow further positive evolution of nature and mankind. We see privileges as rights, our rights as possessions of countries and countries as achievements. Consequently, to be born in an economically stable country, having the chance to pay taxes, gives that country and its citizens the right to value their lives over the values of lives of people who were born in economically crippled countries. Would you compromise on your comfort or on comfort of someone close to you in order to do something for nature or mankind? Statistics say you wouldn’t.

That is why giving people true knowledge of what the real situations are around the globe, are essential. Because they need to understand. And that is why misleading or false information spreading should be a crime. So the real question behind each problem that demands a change should be: how can I make the people who are involved understand?