Problem ranking

There is no problem ranking, all we know is what is most reported on – we are addicted to existing information overload and mainstream media. And we can not have any common, global sense of our priorities according to highest ranked problems.

In my personal opinion everything should be based on our support and functioning systems – nature.

  1. our way of life is not sustainable – We need to start being sustainable and stop using more than we can. We need to learn how to cooperate in order to solve that problem.
  2. ineffective education system – people need to be able to understand their surroundings, them selves and need to know how to recognize and solve problems in the most optimal way.
  3. cooperation – we need to start working together, we are not capable of doing that right now. Working together does not mean just international cooperation but ‘inter-income’ level cooperation.
  4. procrastination and ineffective use of resources – we spend more on wars then we do on helping our selves by eradicating poverty, hunger and ignorance.

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