Which amendment is the right to bare kids?

Having kids has to be both a privilege and a right.

If you want to get a loan for a car, you need to prove you are able to pay the monthly rate. But if you want to bring an innocent child to this planet, you can do as you please, even though the kid will affect many more living things and inanimate objects than a car. Go figure.

My personal opinion: not every couple deserves to or should have children. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not having children. There are too many people! Far too many! And this is true in times when the planet is being exploited in unnatural and unsustainable ways. The rainforests are being chopped down to farm food to feed cattle to manufacture fast-food. 80% of items in modern stores are made with sugar and derivatives of carbohydrates which should only be a small part of the human diet, not its majority. The energy consumption is growing exponentially and can not be caught with existing technologies. Drinkable water resources are diminishing, wild animals extinction rates are higher than ever before and the number of humans just keeps rising higher and higher and our culture still focuses on raising the population, because each country relies on the number of taxpayers it has. Bullshit strategy, a dead-end for everyone.

I feel that the ability to produce kids biologically should be second to being able to support and raise them properly. Having a classroom and a chalkboard does not give anyone more right to pass knowledge to children than someone who is a great teacher but does not have the material means. Humanity should act responsibly and according to culture needs. If someone in central EU or the states can not afford to support themselves, they should first achieve a level of self-sufficiency, then have the opportunity to exercise their right to have children.

The criteria of course, should be carefully adapted to geographical and societal circumstances. In the states everyone has the right to bare arms, but they shouldn’t. And the same goes for bringing new life into the world. We are bringing new innocents into this world. They should at the very least stand a fighting chance!