Funyy people, depression and empathy

Do people who have a good sence of humor get depressed more often ’cause they can empathize better with others?

My theory is, that people with a good sence of humor understand what others want to see and hear, what they find funny… But it also means they empathize more deeply with others and consequentially focus on other people’s feelings more than on their own.

Relaxed enough to completely neglect their own personal issues to the point when it gets really hard to solve them.

And once they do focus on themselves, they often find out they’ve been neglecting their own feelings too much.

Empathy is our biggest chance

The only way humanity can progress without getting hurt badly by environmental disasters is to work together. Developed countries don’t event know what the rest of the world is doing, let alone understanding it.

People who don’t have a clue about each other, can’t successfully cooperate. It takes empathy to understand each other, to cooperate and save our selves. How can we enhance our empathic capatibilities?