Turn fame to progress

I want to make famous people turn their stardom into progress motivation. People are willing to do, give and change things in return to hang out with people they adore.

I will make a project that connects famous people and organizations with people who either have money, services or materials that can be used to make this world a better place. I will try and motivate people to donate a certain amount of money for a project reward until enough money, materials or services are attained through which a project can be completed.

In my country taxes are a problem, so this all needs to be on a non-profit donation level if possible.

Example – goal: purchase certain medical equipment for the children’s pediatric hospital. Rewards: drinks with famous person A, lunch/dinner with famous person B, attend event of famous person C, get personal artifact of famous person D, all in return for different amount of money.

It’s jan 14th today, by Feb 14th I want to haveĀ a list of Slovene celebrities and the tasks they could perform.

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